Monday, 21 November 2016

I need you

I'm always at the back of the line.
I'm not very smart.
I'm not very pretty.
I'm not amazing at sports.
But I love you.
I need you.
Someone to laugh with.
Someone to cheer me up when I feel sad.
Someone to cheer me on when something special comes my way.
As I said, I need you.
A companion.
A soulmate.
A best friend.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Potatoes United: Code Name: Broccoli

I bellyflopped onto my trampoline. My brother smirked. “Pfft.” He did a double-backflip, and landed on his feet. My jaw dropped. Suddenly, my Pink Fluffy Unicorn. Co watch tinged. Caitlyn's face appeared.
“Agent Emily. Come in, Agent Emily.” 
“We have reports of a ginormous broccoli terrorising the citizens of Christchurch.”
I shot my zip-line onto the side of my house, and I pressed a button. The garage door opened. My Potatomobile came out. Gus gaped. I jumped in, and put the key in the engine. Epic spy-music started playing. My neck-rester poked out of my seat. I flipped the auto-drive switch. “The United Potatoes hideout.” I said clearly to the speaker. My leg rest came up, and a tray with a Fanta glass and a bowl of fries with ketchup and yogurt sauce came up.
I waited until the Potatomobile stopped. I stepped out. People stared at me from all around. I can't blame them. Dressed in a light, black, feathery jacket, black tights, black boots, a cat ears headband and earphones isn't something you see everyday. Or maybe it's my amazing Kawaiiness and Swagness.
I walked into the alleyway, and pressed a brick. A glass capsule came up. The side slid closed, and I was whizzed down underground. The side opened, and I stepped out. Gabby, Naima, Caitlyn and Sophie M were sitting on the couch. I took my place beside them.
“Hey, Guys!”
“Hi Emily!”
I helped myself to a mini potato-topped pie. I bit into it, and the amazing flavour sang on my tongue. I flipped the XBox on, and inserted the MineCraft disk. I was just finished building, when I heard a ding. The glass capsule opened, and Sophie W stepped out.
“Sorry I'm late, guys.”
I gave her an annoyed look, and flipped the XBox off.
Caitlyn started the meeting (as always.)
“We have reports of a giant broccoli attacking Chr-”
“You know, you aren't the leader, Caitlyn.”
I interrupted her.
I grinned.
“No problem. Potatoes United, go!”
We jumped in the Potatomobile, since it is the fastest car out of all of our cars.
I didn't turn on auto-drive, because we would go faster without it. I got in the driver’s seat, while Gabby got in the passenger seat. The others crammed into the back. The back is a large room, with frozen yogurt machines, soda machines, and more!
They flipped a switch, and the lights dimmed. Party music started playing, and colourful lights finished off the party scene. 
“Everybody dance now!”
I heard Caitlyn singing along to the music. 
We went over a bump. The Potatomobile flew over a cliff, and into the sea.
I pressed a button, and it transformed into a Submarine! I flicked the auto-drive switch, gave my directions, and got my phone out. 
I snapped a photo with a tiger shark, and posted it to KawaiiChat, the new social media. I heard singing from the back. I looked over my shoulder, and saw the rest of Potatoes United having a karaoke party! I jumped over the back. It was on auto-drive, so we were safe. 
“I shake it off! Shake it off!”
I hit the top note, and had a horrible voice crack as the song finished. Everyone burst out laughing. I went and helped myself to some frozen yogurt as the others started up the next song.
“Just close your eyes, the sun is going down,”
I sung along to my favorite song. Once the song had finished, I flicked the T.V on. After a quick, noisy and vicious fight, Caitlyn held the remote high over her head. 
“Victory is mine!”
She flicked on a movie.
The submarine bumped to a stop. We all ran as quickly as we could to the 6 glass capsules on the side, and they closed. Our clothes magically transformed into togs, and diving gear! The capsules went down, and opened underwater. We paddled out to a large building underwater. 
Caitlyn pressed a button, and the building opened. She held out a hand, indicating for us to stop walking, but we all pushed past her. Then we saw it. It had sharp teeth, rotten breath, and beady eyes. They flicked to us. It let out a shreak of excitement , and charged at us. 
“Oh ****!”
Naima cursed loudly. I rolled my eyes. The brocolli gained speed. We were nearly at the door when it grabbed me! I shrieked. 
“Help me!”
It raised me to it's mouth. Caitlyn shot a zip-line. It speared the brocolli. It yelped. 
Then it spoke in a deep voice.
“Ouch. That hurt!”
“What? I can talk. It's normal.”
“Why are you not eating me?”
It had put me down.
“I don't want to eat you! I want a friend.”
He looked sad.
“Oh. Sorry, but we gotta go…”
We ran out. We jumped in the PotatoMobile, and lived to see another day.

Animal Names

Angel, Afterglow, Autumn, Amazon
Bramble, Bark, Buttons
Crystal, Cloud, Ceres, Claire
Dapple, Dawn, Dusk, Daisy, Domino, Diva
Erin, Ebony, Echo
Flare, Firebolt, Fuzz, Firefly, Firework, Faith, Fuse
Ignis, Indigo
Jupiter, Jade
Liberty, Lucky
Midnight, Moonlight, Melody, Mercury, Mars,
Petunia, Phantom
Raven, Rusty
Savannah, Sunflower, Stardust, Splash, Summer, Spring, Saturn,
Tulip, Thunder, Tanner
Vine, Venus
Winter, Waterleaf, 

Motherly Love

I hear the pitter-patter of rain on my jacket.
 The puddles splash onto my muddy boots. 
The bench is wet.
All I want is to go home, 
but my feet stay firmly still.
The freezing rain bites through my coat, and chills me to the bone.
My face is pink, and my lips are blue.
Tears slip down my cheeks.
My body shivers.
Someone takes my hand.
I look up.
“Come on, let's go home.”
We trudge off together.

Monday, 7 November 2016


This is by Carys and I.

Lilykit sits, grooming herself, when Redkit walks up.
Lilykit: Hi Redkit!
Redkit: Hi…
He blushes.
Lilykit: Sit with me.
He pads over.
Redkit: I'm gonna be an apprentice soon…
Lilykit purrs.
Lilykit: I'll cheer you on all the way.
Redkit licks his chest.
Redkit: Lilykit…
Lilykit: Yes?
Redkit: I… umm… nevermind.
Lilykit lowers her tail with disappointment. She knew what he was going to say.
Lilykit: Let's get some prey. Wanna share a mouse?

About me!

About me!
My name is Queen LemonWolf of Lemontopia. Here is some stuffs about meeee!
Favorite Animals: Cats, Geckos and Wolves.
Favorite Board Game: Monopoly (I always win!)
Favorite Colour: Yellow
Favorite Food: Noodles and Potatoes and Gravy.
Favorite Quote: Donut worry, be happy!
Favorite Word: Kawaii (Cute in Japanese)


This is by Carys and I.

It's dawn. Lilykit yawns and gets up to stretch and heads outside to see Bonekit grinning.
Bonekit: Up, I see?
Lilykit: Go away, Bonekit.
Bonekit: Nah, sweetheart.
Lilykit walks back into the den and pretends to go back to sleep. Bonekit frowns. 
Bonekit: Sweetheart, we have a day together to get started on!
Amberkit: Go choke on a apple, Bonekit.
Bonekit: Other sweetheart! Your up. I'll spend a day with you-
Amberkit pushes him out of the way and heads to the forest. When she is there she spots a cluster of Alderwood trees and cobwebs. She gets some Alderwood bark and uses sticks to collect cobwebs. After she sees some Rosemary and Catmint. When she is done she returns to Jadefeather.
Jadefeather: Good morning, Amberkit.
Amberkit: Hi. I got some stuff.
Jadefeather: Just put it over here.
When Amberkit leaves, she checks both left and right before going. She trots past the Alphas den to see Bonekit, Thornkit and Flamekit with Lilykit. She is grumbling.
Lilykit: Bonekit, leave me alone.
Bonekit: Nah, sweetheart. Your fine.
Lilykit: Just let me go!
Bonekit: If I do, you do not tell anybody. 
Lilykit: Yeah… fine.
Amberkit: No, she will tell. And so will I, Bonekit. 
Bonekit freezes. 
Bonekit: Other sweetheart.
Lilykit: Say sorry, Bonekit.
Bonekit: Sorry. 
Lilykit: It's okay. Bye!
Bonekit: Bye.